Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stretched Thin

I started writing TV-related articles for a few weeks ago. They like for you to write at least 2-3 articles a week. I don't think i can cut the mustard though! I feel stretched thin... overworked & under (way under) paid.

It's just too much like work. I can't come up with interesting articles that involve both TV & Richmond. Small city-living Richmond? Not to mention, several 'big' shows are winding up their regular seasons... doesn't equate to tons of material to write about.

So i feel that i am at a crossroads... to keep or not to keep... Do i give it the old college try & work on more articles? Or do i shrug my shoulders, call it a loss & do other things with my time?

It's not a hard decision to tell you the truth. I'd rather get paid nada & use my time to add content to my bloggy here and take photos with my new toy. With the spring season just around the corner (spring back on your clocks this weekend!), it's calling me for more outdoor activities. Of course, this is only after having taken the appropriate allergy precautions.

I saw the beginnings of perinnials in the yard this weekend... those little blades of green signaling the renewal we all look forward to after a long, cold (very snowy) winter. I'm excited at the prospect of shooting more pics of scenes that aren't covered in snow or hibernating for the winter. My camera is anxious to show it's stuff!

I wonder if i should read the manual first...

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Betsy said...

I completely understand. I'm supposed to be sitting here at the computer working on an article, but I don't feel like it. I think I'm over it too. I think I'll try to make myself stick with it a bit more, but I can understand your wanting to call it a loss.
By the way, we "spring forward" with our clocks this weekend. I don't want you to be two hours late to work tomorrow!