Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring has Sprung

"Spring has sprung. The grass is riz. I wonder where the little birdies is."

That is something mi madre has been saying to us since we were kids (granted, that was fairly recently for my siblings!). I wonder if she knows it's not correct grammar...

The little green blades of perennial surprise have finally unwrapped their little gifts. Hello, daffodil! Where have you been hiding all winter long? However did you survive under all those many inches of snow? I don't know how, but here you are in all your yellow glory! How fresh (though fresh not as a daisy) and alive you are looking!

Though fall is my favorite season, I'd say spring is likely the 2nd fav. Considering it's the thing that drives away winter, it's not hard to imagine why. Winter never fails to fool with its dastardly trick. You know the one, you look out the window and it's a beautiful day. Cloudless sky and brightly shining sun indicate the kind of day that people rush out to spend time in.

Not so much... did i mention that by 'warm' I meant it's 40-degrees outside? I did say winter was dastardly!

Spring, on the other hand, is sweet and kind. It actually gives us that warm that not only looks inviting, but is inviting. Today the temperature was in the low 70s--people were out wearing their inappropriate clothing already! Ahhh, yes... a prelude to the season that is summer.

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