Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Work in Progress

Topic: Start with “The clock winked…”

The clock winked and I winked back. It, alone, would hold the secret of where I was sneaking off to. This was a rendezvous I’d keep so closely guarded that even the military’s own torture methods wouldn’t be able to drag it out of me.

Once the darkness had swallowed the last light off the dying day, I slipped into the night without detection. There was no one there to pay mind to me anyway. I was as visible as the satellites in orbit. One might notice me if the planets were aligned and a quick flash of light exposed the pendent always around my neck.

I moved in the shadows; there were many. The only noise in my ears was the sound of my elevated breathing & the blood pumping through my veins. Though they were hushed sounds, they echoed in my mind like a raging river. That river kept me on track. I had a duty & I would not be swayed. I concentrated on the ebb & flow of the humming until I had slowed my breathing & pulse. It was easier to concentrate on the task when I was calm.

I saw the light in the distance. It was only a short walk from my current position; I could make it in a few easy strides. I kept my eyes on the glow ahead of me, keeping my steady pace. I knew I would get there in time; there was no need to rush. “Everything in its own time,” I was taught. It took me 30 years to live enough life to know that it was true.

As I got closer, memories started to besiege my thoughts. I couldn’t concentrate on the light. My only visions were the ones in my head; the ones I was no longer controlling. Why did it always happen this way? Every time I made this journey I was transported to an earlier time, a time when I thought I’d made all the right decisions. It was living through these flashbacks that I’d come to the realization I had not.

2009 Resolution - More Creative Writing

Topic: Seven worst things to say to someone who just got dumped...

1. Yeah, I didn’t think that was going to last.
2. You know, now that you mention it, I did see your boyfriend looking pretty happy hanging all over someone else last night. I thought that was weird since it was your sister.
3. Now that you aren’t together anymore, I guess you won’t mind if I ask him out.
4. I never thought you were good enough for him.
5. Well if you’d dressed like a man, he might not have left you for one.
6. There goes your last chance at happiness.
7. It’s time to let you mother set you up on a date with her friend’s single son.