Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leg-in-Limbo Chronicles

We knew it wouldn't be long... Not much time until... you know...
he started running around again.

Yes, Jakester is feeling quite a bit better. He's putting a little weight on his Leg-in-Limbo and he's not trying to snap my fingers off when i get near him. The pain patch came off & he's just finishing up the obligitory antibiotics he has to take.

I think he might be getting a little too used to the "posh life" he's living for 2 weeks. Since he can't do much rough-housing or wrestling with his siblings, he's been in O's sleeping spot while O has been with SydSyd. Sure, who's going to complain about sleeping on pillows and being carried up & down the stairs.

I know some days I'd like to have that kind of service.

When I took him out last night, I put him on the ground and he went to do his business. I happened to be standing at the bottom of the steps. He comes back to me, sits at my feet and looks up.

Ok. Climb them steps, boy! Let's see what you got going on!

Ha. I might as well have said "Jakester, can I carry you into the house?"

I picked him up & he settled in for a nice trip into the house. As soon as his 3 legs hit the floor he was racing to the cushy pillow he's taken over. (I hope Cop'er doesn't think he's gettin' a new one. I didn't tell him to give that one to the dog!)

Jakester still has another week+ with the stitches (that are still intact, but very well licked), so it's likely he's going to be carried around a bit more.

I just hope when he's 'good as new' he doesn't think I'll be carrying him around everywhere. If he has those thoughts, I'll just show him this:

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