Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Side Effects to the HLC

I’ve been doing this HLC (healthy lifestyle change) for 8 weeks now. I have definitely seen some good things change, but there have been other more subtle—and irksome—transformations that have occurred.

Anytime you modify your eating habits, you run the risk of other things being modified to (including your wallet!). Case in point—I have an irritation under my wedding rings. They call it “wedding ring dermatitis” & it’s not nearly as uncommon as you might think. It manifests itself in an itchy, almost rash-like, raised area on my skin directly under my rings.

This has been going on for many weeks. I have tried the usual things—leaving them off to let my skin “air out”; drying my hands completely; using hydrocortisone cream; staying away from the hand soap at work (it’s very harsh!) in lieu of hand sanitizer. None of those things were the magic cure. As a matter of fact, just when I think it’s gone and put my rings back on—it’s baaaaaaaaaaack.

Another ‘side effect’ of the HLC is that my deodorant is not working as it once did!

… I know… I need to solve this problem ASAP! Not to worry, I’m on it. I’m in the midst of testing right now. Oh, yeah, perhaps you need to keep a safe distance…

As I was saying, my deodorant is not keeping things under control. The odd thing is that I have been using this same brand for YEARS (Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman) with no problems. Now, in the past few weeks, this issue has been evident. **I thought, at first, it was a fluke—forgot to put deodorant on that day—but it was not the case.**

When I ended up taking my rings off again today, I decided I was going to have to do more research into what might be the cause of the wedding ring dermatitis might be. I noticed in my doctoring online that many articles mentioned “pH balance” being off & having reactions to metals because of that.

Well… well… well...

You don’t say… changes to your pH balance can be directly affected by modification to your diet. Know anyone who has changed altered their eating habits lately? Say… about 8 weeks ago?

Not only that, but a change in pH balance can also affect the way your body reacts to/works with deodorant!!!

Now, I’m sure it’s not bad dealing with all those things when you take into consideration that I am extending my life by doing the HLC. However, it is a bit frustrating to not wear the bling (believe me, I have heard it from Cop’er too!). And let’s not even go into the problems with deodorant not working!

This is almost enough to make me wake the sleeping French Fry Monster inside… almost…


Anonymous said...

so, does that mean you are even more acidic than before? : )

grayzeee said...

I don't believe I said anything about being acidic... thank you very much!!! =)