Thursday, May 8, 2008

Last of this trip down Creativity Rd.


The sun came up
slowly over the landscape of decay
no smell or stench
no movement or life
but you knew... something lived there once.
There was no "western" moment -
no tumbleweeds racing by with dust clouds for a backdrop.
The air was stagnant
as if it wasn't really air at all
but possibly a lack of air
breathing still, but without meaning.
If it was once alive, this place showed no memory.
More like an alien horizon than any seen on earth.
Muted colors - a sky you knew was blue
but only because you knew - not because it was.
The ground was dirt-colored,
brown shades that crunched under foot
but left no footprints...
This should have been a place to frighten me
i felt nothing
i was in a watercolor dream, some past-life memory
it had no meaning or message
it simply was.
The canvas I'd created of my own feelings
once painted, gone
& dreamt of, forgotten.

Still tripping down Creativity Road

Welcome to My Heart

The darkness penetrated every drop of light there was
it absorbed, it smothered, it devoured
arms outstretched, blind to everything familiar
i couldn't take a step
frozen by fear, unmoving in a place where stillness is not forgiven
a place where peace does not reign
Slowly i inch along what i recall - memories like flashes of the life I never knew
of the dreams i never held
of the love i never felt
the darkness was complete - in me, of me, for me
dawn would not chance to meet a black as desolate as this.
Welcome to my heart...

Another down Creativity Road

The Day We Met

When your arrival was announced, I was caught off-guard.
where would you fit into my life?
what would your life be to me?
i loved around you
i spoke of you
i dreamt for you
Before i knew what the dreams were, they were falling apart
i never told you all that i held in my heart
how would you know that for the briefest of times - you were mine...
The end came too quickly - i never saw it
it was poison to the purest flower
& the pain in the end wasn't only for me
it was also for you
your tomorrows & mine would no longer be the same
you would travel your own road
& i would stumble down mine
at times i have glanced back
to see if you were there, still walking
i didn't see you
your footprints had long disappeared
& the last i have of you in my life are the memories
seared into my heart...I will never forget the day we met
or the love that brought us together.

Off we go with something creative...

(I'm moving some of my creative writing/poetry over here...)

She couldnt remember how they got to this place - outside, under a full moon, dressed for Halloween or at least she was. All she knew was one thing, him.

There he was, hands shoved in pockets, talking about his new car. She made small talk as though she might be interested in the fact that it was sporty and new and... forget it. Talk about something else.

(Did he know what she was doing? Why were her hands shaking? God, it was more than just her hands shaking.)

Look at me you know me! You know my heart...

Whether she willed that silent thought to him, she never knew. The only thing she remembers from the moonlight-covered memories is the magic. Take away the sorceress costume, the blond hair and she was in that moment alive - like she had never been before. Alive - like she might never be again.

One kiss was all it took for him to find a place in her heart. One night. One memory. One kiss.