Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's All in the Nose

This week's in-class exercise was writing about a smell or sound that evoked a memory. Specifically, this had to be a bad smell, something stinky, something gag-worthy. Yeah... something goooood.

In the ten minutes we were given, I wrote the following...
I dreaded coming home this week. I know what will be waiting for me when I get there. The dead squirrel smell.

It seems a squirrel, along with friends, chewed through the siding on our house right outside the master bath. The view from the ground was pretty remarkable - two feet wide, a half a foot tall - the hole was indeed gaping.

I don't know how many squirrels were in the posse that wrecked the siding, so I couldn't even guess the number that used the space under the tub as their own Motel 6. Seems like we did indeed leave the light on!

When we realized there was an infestation, my husband set traps - first for mice and then for rats. Both varieties walked away, leaving no victim behind. Aaron then resorted to poison, but we still didn't know if it worked.

Days later, I noted a new scent in the bathroom. Trash? I wondered. Does it need to go out? Aaron bagged it and took it to the curb. Yet, the stench remained.

The next day the odor was stronger. I knew where it was coming from, but still looked for other reasons. Unfortunately, the siding repairman also noticed the smell - a cross between something very rotten and something overly aged.

Aaron came home that same day to inform me he, too, knew it was the scent of a dead squirrel likely killed by the poison and continued to compare it to a less pungent version of a dead body in a crime scene house.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am not Obsessed

More examples of creativity sparked by my online sketchbook class.

Flowers from the bouquet Cop'er sent me for Valentine's Day... Fall colors too. He did good.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Bee

I have been busy! Between Creative Writing & a new online class with Alisa Burke all about sketchbook art & techniques... plus there's the little book that I am thinking about/trying to write - where do I find time for that pesky little job? Or sleep? Or eating?

Sounds a little like I might need an assistant!

This past week was the first of the online class. I found it very inspiring - full of videos and photos! I am a visual person, so this is perfect for me! I even managed to get to know some of my old art materials again & come up with the following results.

I used different materials and tried out how they blended together.
I used regular ole Crayola markers and water to make these colors blend. I also used a purple gel pen for the edges.

I tested for water solubility with pens I was using. Some are just average writing pens.

Something I did to work with watercolor, design, black Sharpies and 3D paints.

I like the 3D paint effect!

Tomorrow is Week #2. I can't wait to see what inspiration comes! If I am lacking in creative avenues, there's always my Creative Writing class on Tuesday!

Now, when did I schedule that vacation???