Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little Ones

All around me there are babies being born! Everytime I turn my head, another pops out! Ok, not exactly 'pops' out, cuz that's kinda gross, but they are definitely all around & multiplying. Doesn't matter the color - pink, blue, yellow - the world is being overtaken by them! Just keep them away from me when they are crying on airplanes & we can live in peaceful co-existance =)

I have a little one at my house too. He's not so little anymore actually! Orion is a year old now! Wasn't it just yesterday he couldn't climb the steps like the other dogs?

Sometime between then & now he's also gone from sleeping in his room at night to sleeping in the bed with me & Aaron! I remember around the time that it happened. Orion didn't like sleeping in the his room all alone when he knew people & cats were outside living it up on the king-sized bed. I think that's when he got the smart idea to whine at odd hours of the morning so Aaron would have to take him out (this part is important - Aaron took him out).

Aaron would drag himself out of bed barely awake & bleary-eyed (see, it's really like having a kid!) to let "O" (as he's affectionately known) go potty outside. He'd stumble back upstairs & put the pup in his room again. Five minutes later, the little guy was whining again.

Eventually Aaron would get so tired of hearing that sad little whine that he'd get O & bring him in the bed - just till he quieted down.

Little did i know that he'd still be there a year later (the dog, not Aaron!). All-in-all though, he's a great pup in the bed. He doesn't usually need to go out until we are awake - except on the weekends, but that's another story! When he does need to go out at those early times, he doesn't come over to me & whine, he goes right over to Aaron & harasses him until he sees some action.

One day Aaron asked if i noticed that how O only woke him up. I said i did (b/c i have been awaken by the same whines) & informed Aaron that Orion woke him up & not me b/c he knew something very important. Once they get settled back in bed after going outside, Aaron is asleep within 2 minutes. I would not be that lucky! Believer it or not, that was a good enough answer for Aaron & the subject was closed - none of that, "next time, i'm going to get you up" stuff.

It's odd though... there is something that doesn't wake Aaron up, but only affects me - the wonderful sounds of a pet puking. i know, not a topic we like to talk about (especially not at the dinner table, right, mom?). No matter where they are or who is the culprit, i wake up when i hear that sound!

Orion does have his charming moments. Just about every night he curls up next to me under the covers & falls asleep. He doesn't come out until he gets too hot... and he RARELY curls up next to Aaron like that. In the mornings, he likes to crawl up next to me & cuddle at my neck. Doesn't matter where he is, at some point in the morning, he always migrates back to me.

I think that's cute & all, but then you realize i have a cat who sleeps on the other side of me every night. It's great in the winter - all warm & cozy. Then some nights it's a little suffocating being the meat in the "pet sandwich"... some nights i just want to be "open-faced" =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Work in Progress

Topic: Start with “The clock winked…”

The clock winked and I winked back. It, alone, would hold the secret of where I was sneaking off to. This was a rendezvous I’d keep so closely guarded that even the military’s own torture methods wouldn’t be able to drag it out of me.

Once the darkness had swallowed the last light off the dying day, I slipped into the night without detection. There was no one there to pay mind to me anyway. I was as visible as the satellites in orbit. One might notice me if the planets were aligned and a quick flash of light exposed the pendent always around my neck.

I moved in the shadows; there were many. The only noise in my ears was the sound of my elevated breathing & the blood pumping through my veins. Though they were hushed sounds, they echoed in my mind like a raging river. That river kept me on track. I had a duty & I would not be swayed. I concentrated on the ebb & flow of the humming until I had slowed my breathing & pulse. It was easier to concentrate on the task when I was calm.

I saw the light in the distance. It was only a short walk from my current position; I could make it in a few easy strides. I kept my eyes on the glow ahead of me, keeping my steady pace. I knew I would get there in time; there was no need to rush. “Everything in its own time,” I was taught. It took me 30 years to live enough life to know that it was true.

As I got closer, memories started to besiege my thoughts. I couldn’t concentrate on the light. My only visions were the ones in my head; the ones I was no longer controlling. Why did it always happen this way? Every time I made this journey I was transported to an earlier time, a time when I thought I’d made all the right decisions. It was living through these flashbacks that I’d come to the realization I had not.

2009 Resolution - More Creative Writing

Topic: Seven worst things to say to someone who just got dumped...

1. Yeah, I didn’t think that was going to last.
2. You know, now that you mention it, I did see your boyfriend looking pretty happy hanging all over someone else last night. I thought that was weird since it was your sister.
3. Now that you aren’t together anymore, I guess you won’t mind if I ask him out.
4. I never thought you were good enough for him.
5. Well if you’d dressed like a man, he might not have left you for one.
6. There goes your last chance at happiness.
7. It’s time to let you mother set you up on a date with her friend’s single son.