Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Has Sprung...

...The grass has 'ris.
I wonder where the birdies is...

Now, before all you people with your dictionaries come a'calling me out on the misspellings... I didn't WRITE that. I am merely repeating something my mom had recited throughout my life.

Blame her! =)

That's right... we have a very severe case of SPRING FEVER. I can't decide if it's better or worse to have a convertible in this weather. Is it better to have the top down & get all that 'spring air' in one drive home? Or could it be like adding fuel to the fire?

I guess my boss (who, by the way, is also stricken with this illness) can at least rest easier knowing spring fever will end before we know it. It's likely to be 90 degrees in about 3 weeks. (You're right... I'm no meteorologist, but then again, neither are they!) By that time I'll be glad to stay inside & soak up the a/c.

I've noticed spring fever also brings out that rare feeling of wanting to do additional projects to/at the house. The only one i really want done is floors put down in the den, carperting removed. However, the issue with that is how much it costs to get it installed - VERY PRICEY! So, aaron (aka "i like to get things done, even if that means i cut corners") wants to do this job. Ok, i can get behind that --- as long as he's got someone to help him. It's not going to be me for the simple reason that i think it would get done faster if i wasn't there holding my OCD over his head =)

I bet you are asking who is going to help him with this... i have that same question. He's thrown a few names out there. I'm ok with anyone who can keep him on track. But as of right now, he hasn't done anything about it. I know you aren't surprised. All i know - getting the floors done will be the project of the season. Now, if i could only get aaron to shift his focus from gardening to this, we'd be good!

For those of you curious about where "pool cleanliness" falls in the projects we have to do... come back in a few more weeks. I haven't gotten aaron to pick up the phone & make the call he needs to. (& don't go jump on aaron's bandwagon about why I didn't do it. Do i have to do everything? i called the pool service to get this person's number!)

i'll make sure to let you know how these projects (do or don't) progress. Stay tuned...