Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Layla Grace

For the past several weeks I have been following (along with tens of thousands of others) the story of little Layla Grace. Layla is but 2 years old and fighting a viscous stage 4 neuroblastoma. When her parents, Ryan and Shanna, were given the grim prognosis that she would not have much longer on earth, they took her home to live her last days in surroundings she loved.

Layla's last few weeks were chronicled by her parents on both Twitter and her blog. I have seen the number of followers increase into the 40 thousands over the last week and am amazed at the numbers. This is no movie or television star who is trying to outdo another with the most 'followers'. This is a little girl who has no idea the ripple effect she's having throughout the world.

Through the tweets & blogs, those of us who have been praying for Layla have been able to feel, in a small way, we were able to send our thoughts through this online community. I have marveled at the open, honest way her parents have walked through the painful journey as they watched Layla become weaker, uncomfortable, knowing there was nothing they could do but whisper of the pride & love they have for her.

Sadly, Layla Grace lost her courageous battle this morning. While Heaven has another beautiful angel, I know that this world as lost one as well. Sleep well, Layla Grace.

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