Friday, August 31, 2007


I know what you are thinking... I'm about to say something negative about Mexican descendents. I'm not going to do that - it would be wrong!

Hey - I'm not one to complain about them, though. I love their food! Who knew that free chips & salsa could be the best appetizer out there? (yes, Mom, I know they are bad for you!) Really, what's not to love?

Upon deeper reflection, I think I should have been born into their culture. They are passionate about everything - their families, their country, their heritage. They seem to live life to the fullest in everything they do. I believe the saying "Work hard, Play hard" might have been made for the Latino community.

Let's not forget other aspects of Mexican culture --- Cozumel. Aaron & I stopped there on our most recent cruise. It was last port of call for that trip & by far the best of the 4. You can't get much better than free drinks at a beachside resort overlooking blue caribbean water. I know it is literally another country, but it really seems to be more like another world. (Granted, I was snapped back into reality when I saw all the mexican blankets & somberos for sale in one place.)

After chilling on the beach, we managed to find the shopping area (right next to the dock, not too much looking involved) and wove through many a quaint little shop offering any number of mexican tchotchkes. I know you are thinking it was the cheesy t-shirt with the half-naked woman that caught my husband's eye... but you'd be wrong. It was the little bar, tucked away between the shops with the naughty little t-shirts, that caused Aaron to stray from my side. 2 CORONAS & 2 SHOTS OF TEQUILA FOR $4!?!?! Now, that's a bargain! Obviously this would have been a big hit back home & we tried to pack some as souvenirs, but it didn't work out. I hope everyone understands why consumption on the spot was necessary.

After the adventures in Mexico, the only thing to do upon return to the cruise ship was --- take part in a siesta. I think those Mexicans really have something there...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Battle Won

Finally, I get one over on that Snakey Snake (my ex-boss)...

When I got fired from my most recent job, I went to the unemployment office the next business day. I filed, knew they were going to have to "research" the reason I was let go. I got the paperwork & they had scheduled me for a interview (on the phone) with the Deputy (or person doing the leg work for this "case") on August 21st. Needless to say, that's a long wait when you want some free mula.

I was present & accounted for on the 21st, so was the snakey snake (That's right, he was also on the call). We discussed the events that lead to me getting fired. Snake & I didn't disagree on any points EXCEPT one. He said that i "voluntarily resigned". Ok, anyone with a brain could see that i didn't "resign" if i was told when i was leaving & i didn't have a job to go to. What planet is that Snake from?

I had to wait and wait and wait for word on the decision from the Deputy. In the meantime I still had to look for jobs (duh!) & send in my contacts for that week - as outlined by the state. I did this dutifully (even if i was disgruntled) and went out to the mailbox everyday with fingers crossed. Nada.

Until today.

I went to the mailbox, knowing the close proximity to a holiday weekend would mean less of a chance of finding THE LETTER i was looking for. But, I was happily mistaken. The employees at the Virginia Employment Commission were hard at work fulfilling their promise to let me know within 10 business days.

I opened the letter before i ever made it into the house. It wasn't like finding out if i won the lottery... but then again, it was. The decision went my way, I'm happy to say. Now, they don't give "opinions" on the situation they evaluated, so i don't know if the Deputy thought Snakey Snake was nuts. But he had to be thinking that, right?

It's a little win, but a win nonetheless. Anytime good wins over evil, it's worth talking about!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If Your Dog Pees...

I am sure that my dog, Jake, could out pee yours! In the kitchen, in the sun room, in the den, inside, outside, upside down... you name it. Jake does not discriminate on places to pee. He's an equal opportunity pee-er.

In all reality, it's not a good sign when he's peeing everywhere. He's got an infection. So Jake went to the vet this afternoon. All of the sudden, I am Jake's favorite person in the world. I can tell you at home that's not the case! But today, i was "mama". Never seen the little guy with so much love for me.

Jake got his weight taken, peed on the floor in the lobby & had his temp taken (hehe). He wasn't too keen on the Doc. He made a classic cat move to get away - jumped right off the exam table! Now, for any other dog I might have done a 2nd look, but since Jake is like the 3rd cat in the house... nothing new.

Even with an infection, Jake acts the same. He's eating, drinking, sleeping, annoying his sister, Sydney, just as if he were 100% perfect. It's just the peeing. According to the vet, we need to switch to a special prescription diet for him (he's had this several times) & start giving him bottled water. Who knew the little guy was going to cost a small fortune!

Right now Jake's outside hooting it up with his sis, chasing invisible demons & barking at anything that moves. I don't know for sure, but I think he's on his way to being cured! I hope so... or I am going to have to break out the doggy diapers!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chronicles of the Unemployed

I have been unemployed now for... forever?... a few weeks. It's funny how many things there are to do & how few things there are that i WANT to do. Alas, looking for a new job is tops on the list, but there aren't too many jobs out there with hours from 12pm - 4pm, with pay in the 6 digits.

In light of all the time i get to spend at home, I have become the domestic partner my husband always wanted. Who wouldn't like someone to cook dinner for them every night? In addition to the cooking, I have found a new life in organizing every little nook & cranny in the house. (Maybe that's why i overlook the BIG things that could be done!)

I am so "into" cooking dinner for my hard-working hubby that i have pulled out all my recipes & am even organizing THOSE for easier access. It's a task that no sane person should take on - let me just put that out there. Loose clippings all over the floor, glue stick hiding, colored paper for different kinds of food, piles of various types of food... it's back breaking work for this domestic housewife.

I thought with all this free time I'd at least find a good book to read. I haven't even stumbled upon that yet. There hasn't been any creative bolt of lightning causing an outpouring of great ideas on things to do with my crafts and sleeping in late only takes up SOME of the time =)