Monday, October 22, 2007

It Couldn't Last Forever

yeah... i'm sad about it too. Going back to work. That's right, someone has decided to take a chance on me & what I might (or might not) have to offer their company.

What kind of company is this?

Don't deny it - you know you are thinking that!
Here's the info:
Company (it's non-profit): International CHRIE (that stands for International Council for Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education)
: it's in the middle of the west end of richmond. It's closer to home than going downtown, but a little harder to get to from my house
Position: Publications Coordinator - I'll be overseeing all their printed pieces. There will be some design involved, lots of deadline management, working with people in the organization, but outside the office.
When do I start: Oct 29th

There are several good things about this job. One is that it pays more than my LAST job & i get 'bank holidays' off too! Bank holidays are something i haven't had at ANY job before.

For those of you wondering what Aaron's reaction to this news... He's pretty happy about it. As a matter of fact, 2 things happened right away when I got the news i was gainfully employed again. Aaron took me to dinner at my favorite restaurant (yummy) & we are going ahead with the vacation plans we'd been looking into. So, I have a 9-day cruise to the Southern Caribbean coming my way in January!! I can't wait!

How does Amie feel about going back to work?
Well, you know... it's mixed feelings. I am definitely bored at home & I don't think the "kids" really need me to look after them everyday. I miss having that social interaction as you do going into an office. Talking to people on the phone & a lunch with friends isn't enough for me (I am a social butterfly after all). I will be looking forward to getting a paycheck again and it couldn't be at a better time - Christmas is right around the corner.

If you have lost count of how long I have been out of work/off/on an extended vacation/researching the "reverse income", it's been ALMOST 3 full months. I KNOW! TIME FLIES! What did i do with all the extra time? Let's just say I am well-rested and have a great book of recipes to reference when I am willing to cook. You know how you wish you had all the time in the world to do those projects, read that book, etc, well, just b/c that time might present itself, it doesn't mean that's what you use it for =)

Starting a new job is a little like a new school year. There's all that crazy anticipation going into a new situation, but then there are all those new things you have to get used to as well. Fun & not fun all wrapped together. Is this the PERFECT job for me? Remains to be seen... Let's just hope for the best.

What do I have in mind for the last week of "freedom"? I have a few things I want to do. Lunch with a few friends, spending a little time with my nephews, photographing the fall colors before they pass me by, finishing up the organizing i was doing in the house and getting up closer to the time I will have to nex
t week... i'm sure SOMETHING on this will get accomplished, right? =)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We All Knew This Day Would Come

Well, everyone, I think you knew it was only a matter of time before this day arrived. I have been putting it off for quite a while - 35 years as a matter of fact!

I can no longer deny it... I'm 35 today. (Sorry, Mom, people are going to figure out you aren't really 39 either). This day, 35 years ago, at 1:20am, my mom & dad experienced THE BEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES - EVER... my birth. I am VERY certain that no day has come close to that one in their lives (& sorry to you 2 younger siblings. You now know the truth).

As I saw this day approaching, I recently began to wonder one really important question - How does a 35-year old act?

Most people my age have kids, so I suppose they act like "parents"... i don't, so i'm pretty sure i'm not going to take on that persona. Lots of 35-year olds have great careers that suck up lots of their time and energy... I don't have that either, so I won't stress myself out with that concept.

What do 35-year olds do for fun? What kinds of conversations do they have? What jokes do they laugh over (Let's not ask my husband. Though he's not 35 yet, i fear that the "farting-type" joke will not be lost on him at that age)?

To start off my 35th year, I made a move to transition into my mid-30s today.

Cop’er & I bought expensive, not for the faint of heart, serious cooking pots & pans. You see, I have lots of "free" time right now, so I have taken a liking to cooking. Upon review of the pots & pans in our kitchen, i realized that every time i looked in there i was flashing back to the first place i lived outside of my parents' house. A definite sign that it was time to upgrade.

Cop’er originally bought the set he liked (& just for the record, nothing wrong with his choice) and had it waiting for me earlier this week. I gasped when i looked at the price tag and almost passed out when he said it wasn't on sale & he didn't use a coupon (I am my mother's child, after all!)

We took the set back to the store tonight... i picked out a different set (stainless steel - which i LOVE) & marched up to the counter with 20% off coupon in hand. No only did we get to use that coupon, but having reached the "magic price", we qualified for a $50 giftcard at the store! Talk about a great birthday present!
On the way home, Cop’er & I discussed how 'grown up' this purchase was. You know you aren't playing around when you have a complete MATCHING set that wasn't passed down from parents or grandparents after THEY upgraded (why did i think if they didn't want it anymore that it was good enough for me? haha - just kidding, mom & dad!). Outside of the house we bought, this could be the MOST domestic purchase we ever made!

Obviously, i am going to need to do a little spring cleaning in the kitchen to make room for the new, snazzy cookware. If it was passed down to me, I think I should continue you. It's like friendship bread or a chain letter that way!

But... Who is going to want this stuff?
Hmmm... I know... I'll call someone who's not 35 yet & see if they need some more pots & pans!
So, Sister Fantanimal, "Happy Birthday to me" has turned into your lucky day as well. When you having us over for dinner?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Guess Who This Is...

Does anyone know this stranger????