Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Day trip to Ireland

Cop'er & I met AriCaVa & her brood at the Irish Festival in Church Hill today. We had a late start, b/c... well... you know, it was the morning. Plus, Cop'er didn't know he was 'invited' to go until I woke him up to get the day started.

When we got there & were parking the car, Cop'er mentioned "Kilts aren't Irish, are they?" (as we watched a kilted gent gross the street). Now, this got me thinking. I am assuming the name is just that, a name. "Irish" was obviously encompassing everything that could have been English, Scottish & Irish. After all, those bagpipes weren't Irish either & i would have hated to miss out on those!

We ended up checking out all the little tents they had set up. I can't lie - we did come home with some things. Even Cop'er didn't come back empty handed!

We tried some traditional Irish food... spiral fries???

ok, maybe not from thee Emerald Isle.

Jelly & Otoño Poco recognized us, but weren't too keen on being separated from Mommy. I can't say that I blame them! There were millions of people there! I'd have been worried about being separated too!

Fine... I MIGHT have exaggerated a little about the amount of people there. In my estimates, there were a million. Obviously, I have an imagination.

By the time we sampled the Irish fare and pilfered the Irish jewels, AriCaVa & her clan were long gone for naptime in a land far, far away. That meant it was time for Cop'er & I to make our exit.

The weather was be-u-tee-ful. You couldn't have asked for better! It was 77 in the car when we were leaving & it really felt like one of those days you are thankful to be alive.

Cop'er drove me down to Pony Pasture (a park, not some overt sexual reference) and we took in sights of the James River & many very pricey houses overlooking it. We have long discussed our 'retirement' and can agree that we want to live on the water somewhere. I think one of those houses might be added to the list! What a view!

In case you weren't keeping up on these things, today is the first day of spring... & what a glorious day it is! I hope there are many more just like this to come!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures...the last one has the WOW factor going for it. Good job!