Thursday, April 29, 2010

We have... seedlings!

Seedlings, that's the stage that comes between seeds & full-fledged plants, right? How would I know the correct terminology? We've already discussed my lack of green thumbed-ness.

Two weekends ago I moved/transplanted/toppled pots in an effort to separate the seedlings as instructed. I'm not sure this was done with any level of success, but all the plants are still green & nothing is shriveled!

We call that ---- major achievement!

They've moved from their previous residence in the garage to a nice, luxury location on the front porch. It seemed to me they were crying out for more sunlight (all the little plants were leaning toward the window, that is a sign, isn't it?). Now they have more by way of reflected, semi-direct & shade throughout the day.

I could have put them on the back deck, but by the time summer gets here it's going to be more like a furnace out there than a hospitable environment for delicate (b/c I am growing them) little plants.

I'm not too sure all of the seeds are going to turn into something... you know, edible... but it's looking like 85% of the seeds will turn into something other than just seeds. I'm sure that counts are 'growing a garden'.

I'll take what I can get.

Someone is already asking for my 'overflow' of plants. I'm hoping this is not a jinx. Talking about the future in such ways is sure to make it go astray! Perhaps I should declare the topic off limits... Of course, saying things are off limits is like trying to get Roxyann to stop torturing the one plant we actually do have in the house.

In another development, I came home from work the other day and found, oddly, one of the smaller pots 'tipped' over on an angle. I thought to myself - was it really windy today?

Self said: No, it wasn't.

I take a step closer & see that not only was that pot askew, but there were 'dig' marks in other pots! WHAT THE???? Just what has been DIGGING in my pots? My poor little seedlings! They were molested by an unknown assailant! That's just wrong!

The discovery had me concerned. Obviously I couldn't have all my hard work eaten up by a freeloader stopping in for a snack! I wanted to see these things reach maturity! I asked Cop'er to come up with a solution.

Still waiting.

I might have to be creative for this problem. Perhaps I need to put a 'scaredog' out there...

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