Monday, April 5, 2010

Goin' Huntin' for Eggs

Cop'er & I had quite the busy day on Sunday, being Easter & all. We hoofed our way up to Stafford by 1pm for lunch with his family & then made it back to my side of town for dinner with my family. Both outings included egg hunts (none that I got to partake in, however) for the kids.

While there was candy to be had, there were also shiny silver coins & a few green bills hidden in the not-so-hidden eggs. Next year I think we should 'lose' those eggs so that I might find them 'later'.

The egg-hunter ages varied - 2+, 3+ & 6 (others too young to hunt were watching, catching tips for next year, learning the competition's strategy). It's funny to see how serious they take it the older they get. Ry-guy was all about scoping them out beforehand, running to them & then trading with Caidelcake if he didn't like the egg (a few were shaped like animals & he HAD TO HAVE the cows). I guess it's good that he was trading, at least.

Every year it's a given that some of the eggs might not make it back into the house. It's not because of a tragic egg accident, but because the egg-hiders can't remember where they were all hidden. Somehow, though we hid 64 eggs, we found them all! When I say "we" I do mean there was a prelim "we're done" break where we counted the eggs & then decided there were 3 more out there. After that, the egg-hiders went back out to look... thanks to Sister Fantanimal, all were spotted.

Somehow the Easter Bunny managed to make it to all his other stops, but neglected to stop by my house. I'm not sure, but I think he might have been scared. He probably heard that no Cadberry Creme Egg was safe in the vicinity of Cop'er. I know none in our house were allowed to hang around for long...

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