Friday, April 2, 2010

Maxine - the frog

Several years ago before AriCaVA moved back to VA & was living in Monterey, California, I fly to the west coast to see her. I left Cop'er back on the East Coast (please, don't give me a hard time - we'd just gotten back from a cruise!) to spend time with my BFF. Since he wasn't able to see all the sights I was seeing, I told him I'd send him shots of some of the highlights.

These shots were sent by text message and they all included something we take when we travel - a small stuffed frog we call Maxine. 

** back story on Maxine: When Cop'er & I went on our honeymoon cruise, we took Maxine on the cruise with us. I'd read somewhere that the frog symbolized "coming back soon." In other words, to come back safely. So, since then we have always taken a frog when we travel.

Of course, I shot the picture of Maxine in the backpack while Cop'er was carrying it around. I don't know that he was too thrilled to be seen with the little stuffed frog as we rode horseback through the Puerto Rican rainforest!**

I'm pretty sure as my time in CA wore on Cop'er became more & more envious that Maxine was on the trip & he wasn't back home.

Maxine on the plane to the West Coast - strapped in for safety.

Maxine chillin' at the Pacific Ocean

Maxine at Monterey Bay

Maxine outside Pebble Beach, watching the mating of seal lions in the background. (Ok, stop lookin' they aren't really mating at that exact moment.)

Maxine's last big stop on the trip - Big Sur.

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