Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pets are like kids, Part II

Monday morning I was on my out of the house to go to work. I was on time (yes, please note that in your calendars) for a change. I fed the cats & noticed something 'off' with Roxyann.

By 'off', I mean, she was oozing a little...

[I must warn you this might be a little more information that you want to think about right now]

...she was oozing a little pus & blood from her anal region. [Ewwwwww!]

Ok, now even I, novice to all things animal & child-related, knew this was NOT right. This was NOT normal... & most certainly NOT something I was hoping to see on a Monday morning.

Immediately [grossed out] worried about the poor little furrball, I ask Cop'er if he would be able to take her to the vet if I made an appointment for the afternoon.

He hesitated.

He eventually agreed to it... then tells me he wants to take Lil Guy too!

Huh? Lil Guy too??? [Lil Guy was due for his rabies & assorted other shots.]

Fine. Whatever. Double duty. I call the vet's office. The receptionist doesn't seem at all alarmed about the whole issue [see above if you need reminding]. Guess it's not life-threatening.

So Cop'er takes them to the vet. [Side note: I called him when he was on the way & all i could hear was Lil Guy whining & Roxyann meowing her head off]. Cop'er calls a little while later with a question from the vet - did Roxy always have this bump on her head?

I have to mention that Roxyann was also there to get her eye checked. It has been pinkish & irritated for about a week.

Me: No... I didn't notice any bump on her head.
Vet: You didn't see this big bump on her head?
Me: No
Vet: Has she always had it?
Me: I guess if i don't remember seeing it.
Vet: How long have you had her?
Me: Since she was a kitten (as in 9 years now)
Vet: ok

When Cop'er finally called back with the outcome of the exam, I found out what a mess Miss Priss really was. The 'issue' [again, see above for explanation] was a ruptured anal gland. The bump on the head - anybody's guess. It's a cyst, or something of the like, filled with fluid.

I took note of her head when she got home & saw that she did have a big bump on her head... a bump I didn't see earlier in the morning. It was disguised with fur stripes! From the side, it looked like something might be growing from her 'forehead'. Ewwwww!

Does it make me a bad mommy b/c I didn't notice? I thought it might, but then I realized that Cop'er had been with her at the vet's & didn't notice. Granted, when they asked him about the bump, she wasn't in the room at the time so he had no visual reference, but even still, he hadn't noticed it before. I guess that means I'm off the hook too!

What it boiled down to was 1 round of antibiotics for the cyst & 'issue', a 2nd round of antibiotics after that just b/c there is so much infection-y stuff going on with her... & to top it all off - eye drops (though they think the eye thing like be from the cyst on her head).

Sure, sounds pretty easy in the scheme of things, but have you met Roxyann????

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