Monday, February 22, 2010

Healthy Lifestyle Change... NOT DIET!

For those of you who don't know, I started a 'healthy lifestyle change' on January 4th. While you might think it fell into the timing of New Year's Resolution, it was not. It was merely a decision I knew I needed to make & thought it was time to do so.

A healthy lifestyle change can, to some, be thought of as a diet, but we don't use the "d" word around this house. This change doesn't have a specific amount of time tied to it, as it's something I plan to keep doing and not drop (like a loaded mass of carbs) once i get to the "golden weight."

Cop'er is also taking part of the change, but he's having a harder times with the 'rules'. For example, 100-calorie snack packs aren't really supposed to be in place of eating a healthy snack. I like to think instead of downing a big 'ole piece of chocolate cake b/c i have a hankering for chocolate that I will reach for a 100-calorie pack of chocolate cookies to ease that craving. He doesn't see it like that...

Gotta an itch for something to eat mid-morning? 100-calorie pack.

Need something to tide you over before dinner? 100-calorie pack.

Have a sweet tooth at midnight? 100-calorie pack.

I do give him props for eating more fruits! (We are still working on more veggies).

i mentioned in an earlier post that I haven't have fast food or soft drinks for almost 7 wks. I don't really miss the Coke or Sprite much - I'm an iced tea drinker - but i sure am wanting McDonald's french fries! Cop'er gives me the standard advice, "if you want them, go order a small size & get it out of your system. Depriving yourself doesn't help."

I don't think this is a good idea... I think it's only going to wake a sleeping giant --- a McDonald's french fry eating giant! Once it's turned loose, I'm not sure it can be contained.

Hmmm... How do I tell my family we can't go to McD's for the annual Christmas Eve dinner???

I'm drinking more water, making better choices for meals & trying not to overdo it. If i have something "bad" for lunch, I go completely "good" for dinner. It's all about balance, right? & I should be good at that since I'm a Libra!

Speaking of "scales"... yeah... that thing! Yes, I've been on them. Completely. I've lost 7lbs, so that's about 1 lb a week. Not too shabby! "They" say you need to lose it slowly if you have any hope of keeping it off. Still... that's a number on my doctors & myself know! (I did see Cop'er trying to sneak up on me the other day to peek over my shoulder. Luckily I have eyes in the back of my head [& he wasn't very stealth], so the secret remains).

Here's to another week of making better choices and fighting the fries for dominance in the world!

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Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I commend you! Keep up the good work. I'd like to start doing the same again...I feel so much better when I do!