Friday, February 26, 2010

Cast of Characters

It's come to my attention that I am introducing more & more "characters" to my blogs & maybe it's time to do a little synopsis of these people & where they fit into the Grayzeee Life.

Cop'er = my husband, Aaron. We met on & were married 4 yrs again. He's 'from' Missouri, though he's lived in many places since his dad was in the military. Cop'er is... a cop. He's also got a great retirement & pension! Hmm. Is that info only important to the woman who will be retiring with him???

Sister Fantanimal = my sister, Candice. She's the 'forgotten/overlooked/stepped over/pushed aside' (did i forget any of the words you told me to use?) middle sister. MEN - She's single!!! Sister F is an animal lover. I'd like to say 'dog lover', but I'm just not sure it matters what kind of animal it is! Her house is a menagerie with animals coming & going.

Sister KidEduc8r = my sister, Heather. She's the 'parents' favorite/baby/always got her way' (Sister F - did forget any of the words you told me to use for her?) youngest sister. (Yes, you guessed it - no boys in this family. Defective sperm?) KidEduc8r is a teacher of America's future. You know the kind - looking for snow days & school holidays. She's mommy to Ry-Guy & Caidelcake with another on the way.

Mi Madre = pretty obvious that this is my mother, mom, mama, Ellen. She's... hmmm... well, she's RETIRED! That's right. She now keeps a pretty mean house, cooks a wicked dinner & watches my nephews in her massive amount of free time. Sometimes she's just too tired to do all though, especially after a long battle with her computer!

Mi Padre = this is my pops, pox. dad, Ted. He's a pharma-father. We like that & enjoy having our own personal pharmacist 'on staff' at home. He's a collector of things too - coins, baseball cards, a few Civil War odds & ends (well, what did you expect - we live in VA!). Mi Padre also gave me a love for thunderstorms (something Mi Madre curses every summer)!

FlyRunner = my cousin, Angel. FlyRunner is a swimmer (from VT [scholarship] days) and mommy to Austin & Carter; wife to Collins (look for their character names in a future posting). She's a writer and photographer too - perhaps this runs on Mi Madre's side!? She is also a wonderful friend, soft-spoken and ballsy.

AriCaVA = you met her here. She's Betsy, the BFF, the big cheese, my 'go to' person. We met at Circuit City in 1994. After her west coast adventures, I am THRILLED that she calls VA home again. She's a landscape architect by trade, but I believe she likes "partner in crime to her BFF" as a better title. AriCaVa is mommy to Jelly and Otoño Poco; mistress wife to Mr. AriCaVA, who I have decided to introduce by another name later in this episode.

Cattails = I mentioned her lack of surprise about me in this post. She's Ashley, my lunch buddy, bridesmaid, DD, Saturday afternoon playdate. I met Cattails through Sister F. They were friends; now we are friends. Big ole happy family. She's a number cruncher and works for the state. (Possibly a State of Confusion?). She's wifey to DragonSlayer & mommy to Sweet Pea and soon-to-be Little Pea.

Ry-guy = my oldest nephew, Rylan. He loves to call Cop'er, "Snickelfritz" and play in our 'pirate ship' (swingset outside). He's a smart cookie, is in his first year of 'big kid school', loves drawing and is very sweet. Ry-guy is into being best buds with Cop'er and stirring up trouble when the 2 are together. I have to admit, Cop'er is VERY impressionable!

Caidelcake = my younger nephew, Caiden. He's 'the man' - much more rough & tumble than Ry-guy was, but loves him some fruits & veggies! He could put most adults to shame! Caidelcake loves being involved in anything Ry-guy is into and makes faces that will keep you laughing for hours. He also has a great sad face -- pretty convincing when he needs it! I totally fall for it!

Jelly = my honorary nephew, Jeffery (who I call Jeff), Since our first meeting when he was a mere 2 months old, we've been compadres. I'm Aunt Amie to him - even if he won't let ME read bedtime stories. We always have a great time eating pancakes & checking out everything in Michaels! 

Otoño Poco = my honorary niece, Katie. Katie & I are still feeling each other out. She's new to my world, so I understand it takes a little getting used to. I also know sometimes you just have to let it all out - just scream until it's out! You gotta be heard! I think she's starting to like me though. Just this past weekend I got a SMILE & A CRY out of her! Talk about progress!

Sweet Pea = Cattails' daughter, Sarah, who is 5. She's a character! I have this recent memory of her walking right into my house for a pool party. She just opened the door, walked in ahead of her parents & said 'hi Amie'... then walked right past me to where the action was. I was amazed by her seemingly fearless side! She's a talker & a questioner & I think someone is going to have their hands full when she gets older! Time to lock her into the bedroom!

DragonSlayer = Cattails' hubby, Kev... or as I like to call him Kevey and my 2nd husband. Since he was with Cattails before I got to know her, he came with that package. It's a good thing I think he's pretty cool! He's currently best known as director of "daddy daycare", but he also does a good interpretation of mechanic, computer repairman, mover, painter, gamer, friend. He's gearing up for the arrival of Little Pea... hoping for a repeat performance of pink.

DuJour = AriCaVa's hubby, Josh. DuJour is a chef! Calm your tastebuds down! He's taken! Well, I suspect for the right price he could be yours! Wait. I mean, for catering, cheffing, those food things. Not the other thing you were thinking about! He's quietly witty & one of the (if not THE) biggest Star Wars lovers I have ever met! DuJour is also outdoorsy &, from what I hear, might just be someone's Prince Charming.

Until our next casting call...

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