Sunday, September 19, 2010

What is a "Grayzeeelife"?

Well, sit down for a little storytime, kids.

Forget that. I don't have a real story for this. I needed to make up a name for my Zune (for you iPod people, that would be the Microsoft equivalent). I didn't want to use my last name and I couldn't think of anything catchy. Then I decided to reference the craziness I felt in my life. 'Grayzeee' was born.

It's a combination of my last name & an alternate spelling of 'crazy'.

Then I had to come up with something for my blog. Needed to be reflective of my personality. I thought - hey, I'll use that 'grayzeee' name again. Since the blog was going to be about my life, it turned into "Grayzeeelife"...

And now, I've made a logo for my blog too! (I know this is a long time coming since I am a graphic designer & all.) I guess I didn't want to use all my creative juices in one sitting!

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