Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I 'Make Things'

What is the difference between a craft room & man cave? Let's have a comparison.

Craft Room = organized space of all things crafty, room to spread said crafts out, creative headquarters for artsy types, colorful 'things' for projects as yet unknown, cat haven

Man Cave = foolish nonsense abounds, testosterone corral, dog shananigans area, poker palace, masculine movie theater

And, yes, it's true. I make things. I have a whole craft room for making things. To be honest, it's not the WHOLE room. There is a guest bed & furniture in there in case we might have an overnight visitor. It's also a good place for (literal) cat naps!

Cop'er likes to complain about all the 'things' in the room. I believe I have heard him refer to these 'things' as... junk. Some of that 'junk' is from my college days (art major!) and very expensive to replace in case i decide to take up pastels & pen & ink drawing again!

(I know you are laughing about that!)

Needless to say, I like to go into the man cave & point out his 'junk'... the paddle from your fraternity days? Really? The strange smoking frog your brother gave you???


You wanna talk about JUNK?

But to make my point, I do make things in the craft room. Just the other day, I assisted AriCaVa in putting together invitations. She came over to use the (very organized & labeled) supplies & low & behold - I had everything she needed! Just think of how much money I might have saved her!

I'm doing watercolors now as well, but I don't do them in the craft/guest room... There's no DVR in there...

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