Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blogger's Advice to Bloggers

I am a regular follower of "The Pioneer Woman"... love, love, love her blog. She talks like I would when I am writing & I find myself laughing outloud. Her post today was "Ten Important Things I've Learned about Blogging." Once again, I found myself laughing... but then it made me come over here to my blog & give it a little attention and some love. Everything needs love to grow, right?

So, I was contemplating The Pioneer Woman's #2: Blog Often. The problem with this is that my life just ain't all that exciting! Work, home, work, home. I think that's the drill most of us do, right?

Sure, I could 'humor' you all about how I had to go out looking for Jakester, because, for the umpteenth time, he escaped the fenced in backyard. On a normal day Jakester doesn't listen to me. On a day when he's free to wander the wicked streets alone, he listens to me even less. To make matters worse, it's like he KNEW Cop'er wasn't home & thought that was an even better reason to cross the street and make a turn... away from me. Dogs are nuts! Nuts, I tell you!

But I don't want to relive that. Boring stuff.

I'm contemplating putting together a list of "Truths"... you know, those things that have just 'come to be' through life. Obviously this might take a little thinking about. I can't throw it all together in this short little blogging time.

I could mention my new "toy"... bought a Droid 2 this weekend. To say it has bells & whistles would be an understatement. Who knew 'back in the day' that phones would be used for more than just calling people?? Now I can check Facebook on a whim, download an obscene amount of games to play when i should be working, text until my fingers fall off and take pictures better than one of my real cameras!

Of course, since I got a new phone this weekend, it'll be obsolete in a matter of days... Time to start looking for a new one!

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