Friday, September 24, 2010

Angels Among Us

Earlier this year, I signed on to become a Chemo Angel. There are different levels of Angels and I opted to become a Card Angel. I was to be assigned someone who is fighting cancer at this very minute. What was most appealing about this organization was that, I would be 'required' to write cards & letters, uplifting messages (or, in my case, boring topics about me!) and the occasional, small gift. This option was perfect for me because I write all the time anyway (I dont know what I am writing, but there is pen in hand)!

It took a little time before I received my assignment, but I finally did this spring. That's when Moonstone (yes, this is just her name while in my blog) came into my life. Moonstone is a young woman currently battling evil breast cancer. She's married & has an adorable little girl... and she's going through chemo.

I've had great fun these few months thinking of topics to write about, finding different cards to send, looking for small gifts to send in the cards. Somehow I find words enough to fill the cards, but I'm not at all certain she's not tossing them in the circular file when she gets them!

Ok, that's not completely true... I know she looks forward to these cards. We have become Facebook friends & i get to 'see' more of her & how she's doing through that portal.

I am so proud of Moonstone to have kept such a positive outlook on things even as she's going through the treatments she is! I'm not sure I would be as strong as she's been. I can tell from the things she writes, the comments she receives & the wonderful vibe that she exudes how special she is. She has a deep & obvious love for her family & friends & it's infectious!

There are days when I can't think of anything to write - you know, I don't have a rockstar life! - but then I think of Moonstone & all she's going through & how this little thing I am doing might be making her smile on a rough day... and suddenly I have a burst of inspiration!

I have high hopes that one day I won't be writing to Moonstone... at least not as a cancer patient. I am hoping for beautiful days - cancer free days - filled with more family & friends & love than she can handle!

If you are looking for a small way to help someone dealing with cancer, think about becoming a Chemo Angel. It's one of those easy, feel-good things everyone can do!

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