Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can you Learn to Write Creatively?

That is a question I will attempt to answer in the coming months. You see, I have enrolled in a creative writing class. It's through the county parks & recreation program, so it's not going to be too taxing. I just hope it's full of inspiration!

I'm going to write "the great American novel" after all. But, first, I need an idea!

I think what I am looking forward to the most is having time to focus on writing. It's actually something I enjoy. I know other people feel that it's more chore than pleasure, but, for me, having pen in hand is relaxing & freeing & comfortable.

I've written fairly regularly in a journal since I was a sophomore in college (& if we do the math, that is 16 years). It's changed over the years from the way I actually write -- as in, handwriting -- to the things I write about, to the people who have come in & gone out of my life, to the format of the journal (sometimes more drawing & inspiration than reflection). One thing remains the same... no matter where I am, you can pretty much guarantee that I'll have pen & paper with me! (ok, pens are a given since I am a pen freak, but paper is another story!)

Currently I am trying to keep an 'art journal' in addition the traditional type. I have been inspired by this blog (Alisa Burke). Such amazing stuff! Just goes to prove there is inspiration everywhere - you just have to look for it!

And in the coming weeks you should be on the look for creative outpourings of a struggling writer! Don't say I didn't warn you!


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