Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pardon Me, I'm trying to swim!

WOW! I have been away for a while. Sorry to make you all check my blog only to find that I am too busy doing other things to talk to you in the electronic world! Ok, it's not like it's all THAT exciting... it's work. Lots of work. Our annual conference starts the 28th, so we are busily doing last minute tasks. I won't even bore you with the details of how these tasks weren't supposed to be last minute! That's another story for another time!

I did host my family for the 4th of July. Cop'er managed to get the pool together, so we had a Potluck Pool Party. I was looking forward to a low-key gathering where I wasn't needed to spend the day in the kitchen (everyone knows I don't belong there!). Added to my excitement was the fact that the pool got up to 79-degrees! That might be the 'hottest' it's ever been. I think it was helped along by the 104 record-breaking day we had the week before.

The excitement about having a warm pool was short-lived though... the temperature drops down into the 50s a few days prior to the 4th & it was all over. Everyone likes a pool that's 68, right? By the actual party day, it was warmer - 70-degrees! Like bath water!

Once all the party-goers arrived... the fun began! Some were a little hesitant to get in because the water was too enticing, but they eventually succombed. They couldn't resist the rest... the relaxation... the calm waters... the... water gun fights!

Cop'er setting up for his kill shot.
Sister KidEduc8r absorbing strategies before she gets armed.

Caidelcake - we teach them young how to protect themselves.

Take a look at Cop'er face - the enemy is going down!

DragonSlayer is a dedicated soldier.

Caidelcake (with co-captain, Sweet Pea) is not ready to meet the press.

DragonSlayer is practicing submarine skills, coming up to launch his weapon.

Mi padre is not to be outdone. He's got far-shooting aim even from the pool's edge!

No one is safe from this end of the pool as long as DragonSlayer resides there. 

Caidelcake & Sweet Pea know how to use the protective gear they were given.

Sweet Pea leads the charge as Caidelcake urges escape from Cop'er.

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