Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh When Will It Be Over???

For those of you who are jealous because we have a pool at our house... you might want to rethink that. As a matter of fact, if you aren't busy, we could use your help in getting the cover off the pool to start the season!

Actually, Cop'er has gotten the pool cover off, but just within the past few days. Now we are on to replacing parts. Never a good way to start the season, in my opinion. I don't know the technical term for the piece, but it's the dumafloppy that the water goes through right before it goes into the filtration thingamajig. Needless to say, this little part is a vital component in the whole "pool pump" system.

Cop'er has made multiple trips to the pool store (don't ask!) & I am hoping that we'll have this issue resolved tomorrow. I would LIKE to get in the pool when it's 100 outside... I don't know... something about that sounds appealing to me!

Don't worry, I don't think the water temperature is going to be an issue as long as it's as hot as it's been the past few days! I dipped my toe in today & it felt pretty refreshing! That's a good thing... the heater for the pool was backordered. It was supposed to be shipped out on the 18th, but now it's now going to be shipped until the 25th... Glad I wasn't waiting on that before I got in the pool.

I'll just continue to wait for the dumafloppy...

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