Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moving Ahead

It's been a week since we took Miss Priss to the vet & wished her well on her trip to the Rainbow Bridge. I have to admit it's been quieter. I don't know that it's so much a physical quiet as it is knowing there is a little less kitty in the house.

Moodles has been vocal this week. He's always been a talker, mind you, but this week he seems to want to know where I am just a wee bit more than usual. After losing Roxyann, having a kitty cuddlebug has been a great comfort.

I've been reading "All Pets Go to Heaven" by Sylvia Brown (in case you were wondering, yes, she's the psychic Montel Williams always used to have on his show). I needed something that was going to give me comfort with Roxyann moving onto "The Other Side". If you believe in things such as this, read the book. There are great stories about connections people have with their animals and the ways our pets communicate with us when they pass on. It was just what I was looking for!

We've been talking about getting another cat. I never wanted either cat to be an only kitty in the house. I feel with 3 dogs in residence they need their feline companion for 'back up'.

I have specific qualities that we need in a new addition to the family. Some of them are:
  • Loves Moodles like no other & projects those vibes to him in such a way that he wants to love & cuddle with him/her
  • Is not picky about food (Roxyann was VERY picky!)
  • Learns how to get along with the dogs, might even play with them
  • Doesn't want to run outside everytime there is an open door (Rox was an escape artist in the making!)
  • Might like to sleep with me occasionally, but doesn't feel the need to join the current dog-cat sandwich I sleep in
See... those aren't too much to ask for are they? I have a problem though - is there a 'trial & error' part to getting another cat I might be able to use? How else am I going to know if the fuzzy little kitty that sucks me into loving him/her is going to fit the bill above?

I guess it doesn't matter... Once it  gets to the "love" stage, it's all over for anyone in the vicinity of the fuzziness!

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