Friday, September 7, 2007

When Summer Ends...

Living here in outside wonderful Richmond, VA... IT'S BEEN HOT & HUMID!

I know I say this every year, but i can't wait for fall to get here. There is something refreshing abouto fall. (& It's not even that arguing with Aaron about keeping the pool clean is over for a few months!)

For those of you who don't know, I was born in October - prime leaf-turning weather. I love October. If there was a month made just for me, it's definitely October. Obviously I will be celebrating another birthday next month, but even that's not the great thing about the fall (though my birth in October, so few years ago, is the highlight of my parents' lives).

Have you ever awoken to a chill in the air after a long night of sleep & jumped out of bed to explore what the day offers? (yeah, me either. Mornings suck!) Hypothetically, if you did, you would know it was a fall day that brought on those feelings. You'd get dressed, step out onto your porch & inhale. Deep breath, take a moment, it's not going to be here long.

So much of the earth seems to be shedding its old skin, readying itself for rebirth in the spring. The leaves turn those glorious colors you can't begin to mix in any palette. Every picture taken is beautiful. Every outdoor event is made into an unforgettable memory only described as "that fall we...".

Gone are the heat and humidity, the long, lazy days of summer. In their place are the tease of summer's end, the occasional hot day mixed with the progressively cooler ones... the change from long summer nights, to shorter, colder evenings of fall.

Before you know it, fall has passed through another cycle & it's full-fledge winter. The few days of cloudy, gray weather have become a season where the sky continually looks like it may fall. The colors are gone, replaced with shades of brown in every view. A cold white snow can change this scene in a moment, dropping heavy flakes on all winter's surfaces.

Some may think this is the most beautiful of all of Mother Nature's scenes. For me, no contest, it's a far 2nd behind that brilliant shade of orange that resembles a hotly burning fireball. That shade I have only ever seen during fall, when the leaves are at peak, right before they free themselves from the tree & fall to the ground like a colored snowfall.

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