Thursday, September 20, 2007

What am I? --- The Creative Writing Starts

In an effort to get the creative juices flowing, I found some topics to write off of. Today is the first of my attempts... This piece is from the point-of-view of "something". Can you figure out what it is? I highlighted some clues.

"Why did he put me in here? I don't belong in this place!

Is he blind? Or does he just not care? You'd think he would have noticed I'm not like the rest of the slobs in this joint - I have class! I know what soap & water are & I use them.

If he keeps me in here, locked up until he 'gets around' to taking us out, I'll never find my partner... & what's worse - I can't go through this cycle all over again!

I have to think of a way out of here. The edge is too high to climb over without help. Not to mention, I'm not in the best shape anymore - I've seen a few miles on this body!

What are my options for escape? I could scramble to the bottom & hope I get left behind... but that won't help me out.

I KNOW! When he pulls the others out before me, I'll grab hold of their legs and hang on until I clear the edge. As soon as I see freedom below, I'll let go. I won't be where I belong, but I'll be one step closer.

Once I manage to get my feet on the ground, I'll entice those furry guys who run around the house to check me out. Hopefully they'll bat me around a bit... with a little luck I can catch the eye of the 'practical one'. She'll know where I really belong. All she has to do is smell me! I'm clean!"

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