Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If Your Dog Pees...

I am sure that my dog, Jake, could out pee yours! In the kitchen, in the sun room, in the den, inside, outside, upside down... you name it. Jake does not discriminate on places to pee. He's an equal opportunity pee-er.

In all reality, it's not a good sign when he's peeing everywhere. He's got an infection. So Jake went to the vet this afternoon. All of the sudden, I am Jake's favorite person in the world. I can tell you at home that's not the case! But today, i was "mama". Never seen the little guy with so much love for me.

Jake got his weight taken, peed on the floor in the lobby & had his temp taken (hehe). He wasn't too keen on the Doc. He made a classic cat move to get away - jumped right off the exam table! Now, for any other dog I might have done a 2nd look, but since Jake is like the 3rd cat in the house... nothing new.

Even with an infection, Jake acts the same. He's eating, drinking, sleeping, annoying his sister, Sydney, just as if he were 100% perfect. It's just the peeing. According to the vet, we need to switch to a special prescription diet for him (he's had this several times) & start giving him bottled water. Who knew the little guy was going to cost a small fortune!

Right now Jake's outside hooting it up with his sis, chasing invisible demons & barking at anything that moves. I don't know for sure, but I think he's on his way to being cured! I hope so... or I am going to have to break out the doggy diapers!

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Dan said...

Jake just emulates his master....