Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chronicles of the Unemployed

I have been unemployed now for... forever?... a few weeks. It's funny how many things there are to do & how few things there are that i WANT to do. Alas, looking for a new job is tops on the list, but there aren't too many jobs out there with hours from 12pm - 4pm, with pay in the 6 digits.

In light of all the time i get to spend at home, I have become the domestic partner my husband always wanted. Who wouldn't like someone to cook dinner for them every night? In addition to the cooking, I have found a new life in organizing every little nook & cranny in the house. (Maybe that's why i overlook the BIG things that could be done!)

I am so "into" cooking dinner for my hard-working hubby that i have pulled out all my recipes & am even organizing THOSE for easier access. It's a task that no sane person should take on - let me just put that out there. Loose clippings all over the floor, glue stick hiding, colored paper for different kinds of food, piles of various types of food... it's back breaking work for this domestic housewife.

I thought with all this free time I'd at least find a good book to read. I haven't even stumbled upon that yet. There hasn't been any creative bolt of lightning causing an outpouring of great ideas on things to do with my crafts and sleeping in late only takes up SOME of the time =)


Joyce said...


This was cute. I've been there and I can tell you that when you finally go back to work you will think of the one thing that you should have done while you were home.

Haha.... hang in there.

Josh said...

Get a job, you bum.

Kate said...

I like to refer to it as being a "lady of leisure".