Thursday, January 21, 2010

Politics - 2 sides to every story

Sometimes it's really hard living with a person of differing political views. (Let's call him "Cop’er” from this point on). For example, I was discussing the utterly ridiculous "Letter to the Editor" in our local community newspaper. You know the kind—Obama is the cause of all the problems the US has, has ever had, will ever have. I asked Cop’er what EXACTLY Obama did to incur the wrath of the overzealous Obama-hater.

Search as he might, Cop’er couldn’t come up with anything to answer the question at hand, but as the conversation continued, he decided he too would put the blame on Obama. Then came the constant argument amongst this couple—my Presidential vote.

Hey—I am entitled to my beliefs, same as he is, right?

By the way, referring to all people who voted for Obama as “idiots” does not endear you, Cop’er, to this little lady. I happened to have selected my candidate based on my feelings, my research & what I wanted for this country. To say he has failed already I don’t believe is fair. He’s had a year… 365 days to turn around a mess that he largely inherited.

Look I’m not saying he hasn’t added to some of the debt, he has. Have I agreed with every decision he’s made? No. But I am willing to give him a little time to find the best solution for the ills that trouble our country.

What I am really tired of is the overdone, out-of-control, rumor-fueled talk that only ends with constant Democrat vs Republican debating. I know nothing has changed & this kind of side-taking isn’t something new. However, I really feel that this ‘taking sides’ is at a whole new level… and it’s not good, in my opinion. Pointing fingers, name calling—really, what grade are we all in? What does this show our kids—the next generation of voters? What we should be teaching these up-and-coming decision-makers is how to research their candidate, how to become passionate about something THEY care about, not what they have been told from the ‘old guard’ about politics and how to make a decision that’s not based on pressure from the masses.

Until “Republican” & “Democrat” are no longer what defines the candidate, we likely will never find the right fit for the leader of our country.

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