Sunday, June 22, 2008

We have a new baby!

I know this is going to come as a shock to some of you, but Aaron & I have our first baby!

He was born 7 weeks ago in the country (Goochland County) to a pair of star-crossed lovers - rat terrier and schnauzer. The last of his siblings to finalize the adoption paperwork, he, nevertheless, found his way into our mixed family (or should i say - mixed up family).
It's been a learning experience for the parents & the siblings with late nights, early mornings and baby noises that just don't give away much in the area of what's going on. His siblings are on the fence about the newest addition to the Grayson family. Sydney & Jake go between ignoring him & giving him a lesson in the household rules; Roxy & Schmoo, well, what can i say, they have never been that fond of change. As lots of siblings think when their baby brother/sister is brought home, he's just another mouth to feed, someone to steal their toys & their parents' attentions. I'd say they are ready to send him back! :)

Mom & Dad are doing ok. One of us isn't too keen on the 5am potty & feeding time, but i guess that's the price you pay. We have to practice some restraint & let him cry himself to sleep. There has been a lot of tiptoeing around the house after bedtime! Though it's been challenging with a new baby in the house, we are committed to not making the same mistakes that were made with Jake and Sydney. There are big plans in the littlest one's future!

He's cute as can be & very funny to watch. He's learned how to jump up the little step from the Florida room to the den already. He's better at using the potty than Jake. And he doesn't mind sharing his toys with the others. He's not found of thunderstorms and just today he found his voice. Scared the 2 older ones when it came out; Roxy and Schmoo said they thought it was similar to a squeaky toy. & yes, that is a noise that can get annoying after a while!

I have high hopes for the youngest Grayson. First he needs to master potty time... he'll be the pride & joy of the family when that happens.

Oh, by the way, we named him 'Orion' --- like the constellation. It's a nice name, but knowing how this house is, it's going to be shorten to something sing-songy soon :)


Blake said...

Congrats on the newest addition.

kbolvari said...

He is a cutie BUT honestly I was hoping you were announcing a two legged arrival to come!! He is a keeper, though!! Congratulations!!

mox said...

Some of us are thrilled that you finally get to see a sunrise or hear the stillness of the night...contrary to your normal weekend noon wakeup call. I hope cutie "Orion" is up to the challenge of you two newbies. Stay strong puppy!!!!