Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Open for Business - FINALLY

As most of you know, the road to a clean, sparkling pool has been long, winding & full of potholes for the Graysons since inheriting it with the house. Possibly the #1 reason for Aaron & i to argue during the summer, it has been a bone of contention since the day we first took the pool cover off in 2006.

We've run the gamut of things to do with the pool from adding unknown amounts of chemicals, whose real purpose i couldn't tell you, to emptying the pool completely after the episode of runaway tadpoles invading the less-than-ideal water conditions of Spring 2007. (I know all of you in Hanover would like to thank us of the start of the county drought conditions last year!)

There can't be anything more frustrating than having a nice big pool right outside your door & it never being clean enough to get in (well, that's the most frustrating until you start to talk about cars!). So... this year we decided it was make or break time. I couldn't listen to anymore threats about cutting down all the trees in the back or bulldozing the pool into the ground. Action had to be taken before it was too late! (Or before the pool was used for much more sinister purposes!)

That's right, we made some changes this year. First we switched to a chlorine pool. It's MUCH easier to maintain & so far hasn't caused us to take out a loan to pay for the chemicals. Then, probably the BEST decision we made - we HIRED someone to maintain our pool all summer. I have to say it's quite a deal. She (sorry, it's not a 'pool boy') comes once a week to check the chemical levels and to vacuum anything that might have fallen in. All i have to do is don a bathing suit & hop in whenever i want - assuming the water temp is up to my standards. Yeah, it's a rough life!

So... all of you who have asked about the pool & when you could come over in the past 2 years, WE'RE OPEN! Bring your bathing suit & come on over! We are ready for guests!

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Mox said...

Is this really what the work day is all about..your pool. Speaking of the pool, I have yet to be invited to stick one toe in and I am sure my ears have heard more about the pool woes than any other person except for Aaron. I'll need more than the pool though...throw the food on the grill I am coming for the day.
Love, Mox