Thursday, May 8, 2008

Off we go with something creative...

(I'm moving some of my creative writing/poetry over here...)

She couldnt remember how they got to this place - outside, under a full moon, dressed for Halloween or at least she was. All she knew was one thing, him.

There he was, hands shoved in pockets, talking about his new car. She made small talk as though she might be interested in the fact that it was sporty and new and... forget it. Talk about something else.

(Did he know what she was doing? Why were her hands shaking? God, it was more than just her hands shaking.)

Look at me you know me! You know my heart...

Whether she willed that silent thought to him, she never knew. The only thing she remembers from the moonlight-covered memories is the magic. Take away the sorceress costume, the blond hair and she was in that moment alive - like she had never been before. Alive - like she might never be again.

One kiss was all it took for him to find a place in her heart. One night. One memory. One kiss.

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