Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another down Creativity Road

The Day We Met

When your arrival was announced, I was caught off-guard.
where would you fit into my life?
what would your life be to me?
i loved around you
i spoke of you
i dreamt for you
Before i knew what the dreams were, they were falling apart
i never told you all that i held in my heart
how would you know that for the briefest of times - you were mine...
The end came too quickly - i never saw it
it was poison to the purest flower
& the pain in the end wasn't only for me
it was also for you
your tomorrows & mine would no longer be the same
you would travel your own road
& i would stumble down mine
at times i have glanced back
to see if you were there, still walking
i didn't see you
your footprints had long disappeared
& the last i have of you in my life are the memories
seared into my heart...I will never forget the day we met
or the love that brought us together.

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