Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Like Coming Home

Well, I admit it. I have been neglectful. I've wasted your precious time as you sit out there wondering what's going on with me.

Where is she? Why doesn't she post something?

It's been MONTHS!

See what happens when you get a job??? Not good. Not good at all. Free time is a thing of the past.


It's going well, actually. I'm learning the ropes, getting to know my responsibilities. None too taxing, thank heavens. I just wish there were more people in the office!


Christmas is right around the corner. To get into the Christmas spirit Cop'er & I went to see our nephew, Rylan in his Pageant. Cute. I teased him & told him he did a good job as Superman. (He was wearing a gold cape after all!). He informed me he wasn't Superman - he was a WISE MAN. Cute. He did a great job & was happy to see family there. Nothing like having your acting debut go unnoticed by those who matter.

I am about 3/4 finished with my shopping. Thanks heavens for the internet. This is the first year I have done most of my shopping online. I think it's great! For those who think it's more expensive to order off the internet, if you do your research, order from the right companies & wait till the Christmas shopping time, you can get good deals & even some without shipping charges. (HINT: check out the internet for online coupons. Some sites post these & they work!)

Not only am i doing well with the gift-buying progress, I have made & written ALL of my Christmas cards for this year. That should be considered an accomplishment in itself! I'm waiting on the postal service to send my stamps now!

I have other seasonal projects up my sleeve, so i won't be spilling the beans on those just yet.

The one thing we haven't done - decorate. It's such a chore sometimes. I think it's b/c Aaron doesn't get into the whole decorating thing like i do, so makes for a long, not-so-much-fun time. I like to talk & reminisce about where ornaments came from, what they were, what i did as a kid... BUT NO.

I'm looking forward to all the old family traditions this year. Since we still don't have kids, we are free to travel around & visit people. The visits this year will be to Stafford to see Cop'er's parents & Glen Allen (what a drive!) for dinner with our family friends, the Woods.

Happy Holidays until we meet again!

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