Thursday, October 11, 2007

We All Knew This Day Would Come

Well, everyone, I think you knew it was only a matter of time before this day arrived. I have been putting it off for quite a while - 35 years as a matter of fact!

I can no longer deny it... I'm 35 today. (Sorry, Mom, people are going to figure out you aren't really 39 either). This day, 35 years ago, at 1:20am, my mom & dad experienced THE BEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES - EVER... my birth. I am VERY certain that no day has come close to that one in their lives (& sorry to you 2 younger siblings. You now know the truth).

As I saw this day approaching, I recently began to wonder one really important question - How does a 35-year old act?

Most people my age have kids, so I suppose they act like "parents"... i don't, so i'm pretty sure i'm not going to take on that persona. Lots of 35-year olds have great careers that suck up lots of their time and energy... I don't have that either, so I won't stress myself out with that concept.

What do 35-year olds do for fun? What kinds of conversations do they have? What jokes do they laugh over (Let's not ask my husband. Though he's not 35 yet, i fear that the "farting-type" joke will not be lost on him at that age)?

To start off my 35th year, I made a move to transition into my mid-30s today.

Cop’er & I bought expensive, not for the faint of heart, serious cooking pots & pans. You see, I have lots of "free" time right now, so I have taken a liking to cooking. Upon review of the pots & pans in our kitchen, i realized that every time i looked in there i was flashing back to the first place i lived outside of my parents' house. A definite sign that it was time to upgrade.

Cop’er originally bought the set he liked (& just for the record, nothing wrong with his choice) and had it waiting for me earlier this week. I gasped when i looked at the price tag and almost passed out when he said it wasn't on sale & he didn't use a coupon (I am my mother's child, after all!)

We took the set back to the store tonight... i picked out a different set (stainless steel - which i LOVE) & marched up to the counter with 20% off coupon in hand. No only did we get to use that coupon, but having reached the "magic price", we qualified for a $50 giftcard at the store! Talk about a great birthday present!
On the way home, Cop’er & I discussed how 'grown up' this purchase was. You know you aren't playing around when you have a complete MATCHING set that wasn't passed down from parents or grandparents after THEY upgraded (why did i think if they didn't want it anymore that it was good enough for me? haha - just kidding, mom & dad!). Outside of the house we bought, this could be the MOST domestic purchase we ever made!

Obviously, i am going to need to do a little spring cleaning in the kitchen to make room for the new, snazzy cookware. If it was passed down to me, I think I should continue you. It's like friendship bread or a chain letter that way!

But... Who is going to want this stuff?
Hmmm... I know... I'll call someone who's not 35 yet & see if they need some more pots & pans!
So, Sister Fantanimal, "Happy Birthday to me" has turned into your lucky day as well. When you having us over for dinner?

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