Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Bee

I have been busy! Between Creative Writing & a new online class with Alisa Burke all about sketchbook art & techniques... plus there's the little book that I am thinking about/trying to write - where do I find time for that pesky little job? Or sleep? Or eating?

Sounds a little like I might need an assistant!

This past week was the first of the online class. I found it very inspiring - full of videos and photos! I am a visual person, so this is perfect for me! I even managed to get to know some of my old art materials again & come up with the following results.

I used different materials and tried out how they blended together.
I used regular ole Crayola markers and water to make these colors blend. I also used a purple gel pen for the edges.

I tested for water solubility with pens I was using. Some are just average writing pens.

Something I did to work with watercolor, design, black Sharpies and 3D paints.

I like the 3D paint effect!

Tomorrow is Week #2. I can't wait to see what inspiration comes! If I am lacking in creative avenues, there's always my Creative Writing class on Tuesday!

Now, when did I schedule that vacation???

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