Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An Open Letter to Ryan Buell

I’m about to write an open letter to Ryan Buell, founder of the Paranormal Research Society, and star of “Paranormal State”, a show that investigates paranormal phenomena in the US. I am a religious viewer—tuning in every week.

Dear Mr. Buell… Ryan, if that’s ok with you,

Ryan, I don’t want to come across as a star struck girl about to meet her crush for the first time. That is not me. Ok, that could be me, but not through this letter.

I also don’t want to be one of those people who are out to hitch a ride on your coat tails, soaring to popularity on cable TV. And let’s face it, those coat tails are going places! I’m not one of those people!
I’m not going to disagree with your beliefs, call you crazy, say it’s all made up, TV stunts… nope, I believe it all! I believe it’s all real, & still, I watch the shows at night, in bed, alone. I’m a sucker for a good spook!

I am someone who has been fascinated with the paranormal, all things unexplained and mysteries for as long as my memory will allow me to go. As a young girl, I read “The Demonologist” (and am thrilled to see Lorraine Warren on your show)! I can admit to reading the book, examining the pictures, getting totally freaked out & leaving said book far from my bedroom when I slept. Hiding it (along with Stephen King books) under the sofa was the preferable place to keep items with the potential to remind me that things do go bump in the night.
I have never seen a ghost, never been to a haunted house, never had anything as life-altering as what you have been through, but I’m still fascinated by it all. I am amazed at the poise & the dedication you have, though all your regular viewers know something deep within you spurs you onward, searching for something you haven’t shared with us just yet. I think it’s very admirable the kind way you work with your team & your clients, as well as always respecting the land & the history of the places you investigate.

Every week when I watch your show I am alternately amazed at the guts your team has and wishing with all my might that I could be one of the trainees on your show. I’ve gone as far as admitting to my husband that if you were to grant this little known wish of mine and ask me to join up, I’d have to leave him & spent a life on the road with PRS, seeking out the next paranormal location.

So, Ryan, thank you fro the entertainment, the chance to take a moment & ask myself ‘what if’ and for the chills watching your show in the dark. You have made a fan for life. And, other than the above-mentioned dream of joining PRS, I only have one little thing to ask. Can you please make your episodes an hour long? Five days a week? All year long?

Yours in the unknown,

This above photo is not mine & I do not have any claims to it. No copyright infringement intended.

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Jody said...

Oh!! Yay!! 'What if' is my new favorite phrase. I love your open letter. It's the perfect blend of witty and sincere! It feels good to get it off your chest, huh? I'll have to ask my husband if this is one of the shows he watches. I like Ghost Hunters but don't usually watch the others...might have to check it out. Ryan's kinda cute.

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