Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Amazing Cheddar

Today Cop’er & I brought home our newest ‘son,’ Cheddar. We finalized the adoption on Saturday at the Richmond Animal Care & Control office. Cheddar (also known as “Scooby Snacks” in a former life) was first spotted on their website. I zeroed in on him like a heat-seeking missile to its target. He had all the criteria I was looking for—orange, not a teeny kitty and friendly.

When they led us into the ‘cat room’, we were shown other orange kitties, but again found ourselves drawn to the now-familiar face of Cheddar. I asked to hold him & he just sat in my arms, looking around. The volunteers in the room kept commenting on how he looked to comfortable just sitting there.

I didn’t need to see any other cats—i knew Cheddar was the one. So I put him back into his cage & went out front to see about some adoption paperwork. We filled everything out and even had a few tests done on the spot to make sure Cheddar didn’t have anything he could transfer to Moodles. He came up negative—luckily!

We couldn’t bring him home until today because he needed to be neutered. I don’t think he’s going to be hookin’ with Moodles, but I know they need to have it done for my sanity too! Cop’er went by the SPCA today & brought home the little cardboard box that held our newest family member.

I, of course, spent part of the day getting ‘his room’ ready. I decided to move Cheddar into the laundry room. It something we were going to do with Moodles anyway, but this was the perfect time to make the transition. He has all he needs in there including a window to look out of. Unless he’s looking for birds that land on the roof, he’s not going to be seeing anything!

According to Sister Fantanimal, I should let Cheddar chill in his room & allow the other animals to get used to his smell from under the door. Well, we have no patience for that! We let Moodles get a glimpse & sniff of Cheddar before he made his way into his quarters. I’m not sure Moodles is on the bandwagon for sharing his mommy however… he followed up the sniffing with growls & hisses. Let’s hope this is just the warming up phase!

The dogs… what can I say? They are who they are. NUTS! So far they have only gotten scents from the carrier & from under the door. I let Lil Guy in the laundry room for a VERY BRIEF SECOND & Cheddar turned into a cheese puff!

I took Cheddar into our guest room while I worked on organizing ‘things’ and so he could look around without the peering eyes of his siblings. He must’ve checked every nook & cranny in the room & then came back to get lots of pets from me. He seems to be quite affectionate and loving!

Now... I just need everyone to get along so Cheddar doesn't have to LIVE in the laundry room!

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