Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Close Call

It was "predicted" that we'd get a hefty amount of rain from Tropical Storm Hanna. Hanna was a letdown.

I know what you are thinking - that's a good thing. What you don't know is that i had BIG plans for the full day of rain. i was looking forward to chilling out, reading & nodding off to that constant pitter patter of angry rainrops on the windows.

Instead, it rained this morning up until a little after midday. Then, not only did it stop raining, but the sun came out. By 6pm, you would never have known that a tropical storm rolled through today.

You just can't get a good rainy storm on the weekend anymore. I guess this means tomorrow I won't be able to use the flooding as a reason to stay home?

1 comment:

Blake said...

You could always just bring the water hose inside your place and leave it running for a few hours to simulate flooding if you'd like...