Monday, March 3, 2008

Home sweet home

Well weary travelers, I have returned from my time in California. I went to visit my best friend, Betsy, and her new baby boy, Jeff. Ok I did see her husband while i was there, but i can't talk about that (wink, wink, Betsy) :)

I flew to CA on a Thursday & came home the following Tuesday. It was my first time flying solo. I know, you thought i was more worldly than that. I have flown lots of places, but all with other people. Luckily those experiences taught me how to manuever through the Houston airport with only 35 minutes to make my connecting flight. (Did i mention the Houston airport is the 9th largest in the US?)

There was a close call... & it's a good thing i didn't check any bags. I might have been wearing the same clothes for the 6 days i was gone! Or... i could have had to wait as long as we did for the package sent via UPS BEFORE I LEFT (& scheduled for delivery on the day i arrived in CA!)

but i guess that's another story, now isn't it?

My time in CA was split between observing the habits of this little 2-month old and seeing some of the sights around the area. I have been to Monterey before, but it was a quick trip through the 17-mile drive area & some dinner. (yes, you didn't think aaron & i had been near Pebble Beach & not checked it out, did you?)

This time i got to see lots more views of the Pacific. They had a storm while i was there & when we went to see the ocean afterwards, the waves were big, loud & gorgeous. There is just something about the ocean... ahhh... I had to use some serious patience in getting the perfect wave photo. you know the one - with the wave crashing on the rocks & sending up the spray... i got that one!

We also went to Monterey Bay & attempted to take a whale watching tour - something we were all excited about - but luck was not ours. Seems jeff was more of a liability than an asset to Mr. Whale Watching Captain. What does he know? We had to make due with the restaurant that overlooked the harbor seals out in the bay & finish off the sad experience with ice cream & a little shopping in the souvenir store for me :)

That wasn't the end of the day for me though... it was my luck that Josh was off & he, Betsy & Jeff wanted me to see some more sights. We drove to Big Sur via Highway One (aka Pacific Coast highway). The scenery was some of the most breathtaking i have ever seen. I have some pictures of those sights that i am pretty proud of. I'll let you see them when they get off my computer...

i ended my visit there by babysitting jeff (who, graciously, slept the whole time i was "watching" him) and allowing his parents to remember what it was like to go out BEFORE they had him. I asked what they did on their night out, but they didn't mention anything other than the backseat of josh's car... hmmmm...

So now i am home, back in my bed, though it's smaller now that i have to share it again (hey, a bed to yourself should not be taken for granted those of you who are still single!). I'm also back at work and back to loving on the kitties. strange thing happened though while i was gone - Moodles McDoodles has started to sleep with Aaron in the bed now!!!!

That does it... i can never leave again!

Ha... who am i kidding? I'm outta here! =)

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